Partnership Program

We are a growing company with several products and extensive global coverage. Additionally, we develop our own software, offering better opportunities and improved service for your clients.

With many different departments, we work tirelessly to enhance the experience of every passenger, on every occasion. We believe that both our products and our services have the potential to continue growing, but we know it's better to do it as a team.

Contact us, schedule a meeting, and let's work together! At Blue Horizon Group, we are confident that we will find a great way to contribute to mutual growth with your company.

For more information, write to us at

Who Are We Seeking as Partners?

We're on the hunt for top-tier providers to ensure unparalleled service for our clients. Given the diverse range of services we offer, we're interested in partnering with a broad spectrum of businesses. Each potential partner should not only bring immense value to our company but must also uphold the highest standards in safety and service.

Reach out to us; let's explore avenues for mutual growth!